CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning programme using constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity, in order to produce dramatic gains in health and fitness. Intensity is essential for results, the more work you do in less time, or the higher the power output, the better the results will be. At CrossFit TXXIII we strive to see people demand more of themselves to achieve things they never knew was possible, both in the gym and in life.



Our Unloaded class is programmed using the same principles of constantly varied, functional movements, but without the heavy barbells or technical lifting. The programme utilizes the high intensity, fat burning metabolic effects of traditional CrossFit workouts. Don’t be fooled though, these workouts are not easy! We have just “unloaded” the barbells.


The Barbell Club

Our barbell class is designed to supplement your current CrossFit training and to improve your Olympic lifting. Each class will focus on a specific movement, where our qualified coaches will lead you through various drills and techniques help you get higher quality lifts.
Members of all skill levels are welcome.


Open Gym

Open Gym allows members to come in and work on their fitness during timings when there are no classes scheduled. This time allows members to work on some extra skill practice, strength, mobility or catch up on a WOD that they have missed during the week.
There will always be a T23 Coach available during Open Gym time.