We refer to gymnastics in CrossFit as the body weight movements. Free of equipment – Pushups, handstand pushups, handstand holds and walks, squats, pistols, burpees, planks, lunges

Our gymnastics program is geared toward these body weight movements with the aim to help members develop their strength and coordination by working on the following things:

  • Body awareness to improve coordination in movement
  • Build Core strength
  • Learn and understand transfer of energy through the body
  • Learn the break down of different movements and exercises to develop strength

Our gymnastics classes emphasize on strength in these body-weight movements, promoting strict movement before momentum is applied. By building a strong base of support with perfecting the strict movements, you will see better results in the long run and reduce the possibility of injury.

Our Gymnastics Class is open to all levels of fitness, each class is scaled to your current level by our experienced coaches. Both CrossFitters and non-CrossFitters are is welcome to participate.