Our Coaches

Daniel Martins - T23 Head Coach
Daniel Martins

Head Coach

As a former U.S. Army Policeman and Master Fitness Trainer, Coach Dan has a large background in functional based

Danny Storey - T23 Personal Trainer
Danny Storey


Danny has been a keen and active sportsman from a young age, successfully competing in various sports such as Basketball,Football

Mate - T23 Coach
Mate Sivak


Coach Mate was a semi professional Soccer and Handball player back in Hungary.

Eitch - T23 Personal Trainer
Eitch Rashid


Coach Eitch has been heavily involved in sports and fitness from a young age competing in Soccer, Rugby and predominantly in Cricket

Andy - T23 coach
Andy Badiane


As a youth, Andy played football at a regional level and basketball at a national level, before then playing semi-professional in France.

Jessica - T23 coach
Jessica Schilling


From gymnastics to swimming, to representing her school at national and international competitions, Jessica has always been passionate about sports.

Richard Palmer - T23 Coach
Richard Palmer


Richie has been involved in fitness since his childhood, he started off playing Football then got involved in Track & Field (100m/200m & Long Jump)

Hana Leithy - T23 Yoga Instructor
Hana Leithy

Yoga Instructor

Hana was involved in a variety of sports growing up including swimming, gymnastics and ballet.

Sam Ben - T23 Coach
Sam Ben


Sam is a former professional football player and has a master's degree in Sport & Performances.

Charlotte - T23 Coach
Charlotte Harris


Charlotte trained alongside the GB team in Biathlon from 2009-2012 while also serving in the British Army.