Elena Collins – T23 CrossFit member

T23 have a highly professional team who know how to make CrossFit achievable for anyone, regardless of age and physical competence. They are always watching you and always there to fix your form, break down every move and give all the pointers necessary for improved performance and progression. Their attention to detail is beyond compare. The Programming of the classes is an accurate reflection of the teams focus on providing value for money, by ensuring that every minute of each class is accounted for and worked upon. There is a clear logic in the way every session is designed where all the bits and pieces complement each other perfectly. Every session makes you want to come for more. They have an incredible team who motivate and help us get better every day.

Craig Horton – T23 CrossFit Member

“ T23 is without doubt the best Crossfit gym in Qatar, and the best I have trained in since starting Crossfit. It has a cool vibe, modern approach to training and a fun friendly atmosphere that no other gym here offers, you certainly will not be disappointed. The coaches are knowledgeable, experienced and always approachable, and always have the best interest of the members that train there. T23 has a great location and is very competitively priced. You are sure to achieve any fitness goals that you set out, with the guidance of the coaches coupled with the modern equipment available to you. T23 certainly provides a huge bang for your buck and return on your health and fitness investment”

Angela Krizan – T23 CrossFit Member

I came to T23 at a time when I could barely walk up a flight of stairs without feeling winded. The thought of going to a group fitness class was pretty daunting but I knew I wanted to be healthier, fitter and build confidence in myself. I started in the Unloaded program at T23 and moved into Crossfit after a few months at the gym. Walking to the gym for that first class I was worried about how it would go – would I be able to keep up, would people be judging me or wondering what I was doing there at all. When I walked into that first class the coach introduced me, and I was immediately welcomed by all of the gym coaches and the members. I’m not going to lie that first class was extremely challenging, but the coaches were great about showing me how to scale the movements so that I could complete the workout, and the other members alongside me were so supportive and encouraging that it really helped me get through the workout. It was such a new experience for me – to be welcomed into a community who accepted me for where I was at and encouraged and supported me as I worked to improve, become stronger and grow. I found myself wanting to go back each day, not so much for the workout but for the way I felt in the gym – stronger, capable and able to finish a workout! The more I came to the gym, the better I felt and saw progress in my abilities. The coaches are very good at modifying movements so that you can achieve the fitness benefits while respecting where your body is at, so that you can progress without injuring yourself. So far I’ve lost 80lbs (36kg), I have been able to do things in the gym I never dreamed I would be able to do a year ago (box jumps, deadlifting more than my body weight, lifting and competing in a CrossFit competition). But the best part of T23 is the community of people who come together, support and encourage each other, and celebrate progress together. Don’t be afraid of being a beginner – every champion was once a contender who refused to give up!